Blues’ McDonald on Ovechkin All-Star snub: “Classless move”


Injured St. Louis assistant captain Andy McDonald is none too impressed with Alex Ovechkin.

The 34-year-old Blues center ripped the Washington Capitals star for skipping this Sunday’s NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa via Twitter:


The tweet seems to have put McDonald in some hot water — “Some bitter caps fans out there? Thought you would want to see your player showcase his skill at ASG,” he tweeted — and it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any additional backlash. Being criticized publicly is one thing, but being publicly criticized by a peer (and fellow NHLPA member) is an entirely different ball of wax.

We saw something similar during the 2011 NFL playoffs when Chicago QB Jay Cutler left the NFC Championship with a knee injury and several of his peers — Lance Moore, Maurice Jones-Drew and Darnell Dockett most notably — openly derided him on Twitter. That incident drew the ire of Bears GM Jerry Angelo, who said he was “very disappointed” by the abuse Culter took and called the Twitter onslaught “dirty pool.”