Tomas Fleischmann bounces back from health scares


It’s likely that many players have their own road trip routines, but Tomas Fleischmann’s is truly unique. The Florida Sun Sentinel’s Harvey Fialkov describes what the Florida Panthers forward must do before each plane ride thanks to his bouts with blood clots:

When other players are taking postgame showers and talking to the media, Fleischmann is injecting himself with an anticoagulant concoction and donning a rubberized compression suit for the plane trip.

Just a season ago, Fleischmann’s career was in serious jeopardy as the Colorado air brought his blood clot issues back, only that time the issue impacted his lungs. One doctor went as far as to say that his NHL days were over, but he sought out a second opinion that allowed him to continue his career – though with some risk.

“In general, people who are very active are somewhat protected from repeated blood clots,” Dr. David Dennis said, “Except when you throw in the issue of trauma, getting hit by hockey sticks or slamming your head into the ice.

“You have to commend his bravery; he must love his sport.”

Fleischmann might be struggling now (zero points in his last eight games) but it’s impressive that he’s gotten his career back on track.