Not-breaking news: Brad Boyes disappointing in Buffalo


The Sabres have a host of problems and Brad Boyes’ struggles in putting the puck in the net are just one of them.

Boyes’ trying times in Buffalo can’t be too surprising given how things wound up for him with the St. Louis Blues, but with how much the Sabres are struggling, it’s making Boyes feel extra disappointed with how he’s playing. Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News hears it from Boyes about how his lack of production is bumming everyone out.

“Without a doubt, I’m letting guys down,” Boyes said here Friday on the eve of the Sabres’ game against his former team, the red-hot St. Louis Blues. “You’re here for a reason. Everybody has a role to play. I’m no exception. I look at myself. I’m real disappointed with the way things are going. But whatever happens in the past is past. I have to figure out real quick how to help out.”

The past is the past but he might want to look back on what he was doing during his 43 goal season four years ago to see if he can tap into something to help the Sabres out now. With just three goals this season and coming off scoring a total of 17 last year for both Buffalo and St. Louis, he’s lost his way as a big time goal producer.

The Sabres are essentially a two player team with Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville doing all the heavy lifting. If Boyes can somehow find his old ways, his future in Buffalo might be a bit brighter than it looks now.