Another tepid revenge: Chris Kunitz “fights” Max Pacioretty


If this week has a specific theme, it might be called Revenge Served Lukewarm Week.

First, there was Rene Bourque “paying” for his hit on Nicklas Backstrom by beating up Matt Hendricks. (Hendricks would argue that it was about the principle of the matter, but many are probably skeptical about that.)

Friday brought another chance for some icy frontier justice, but the check Chris Kunitz threw was far better revenge than the “fight” he had with Max Pacioretty, who gave Kris Letang a concussion the last time the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins met.

Yup, that will definitely make Pacioretty think twice about headhunting the Penguins’ stars.

Once again, it seems that the best way to get revenge will be to do so on the scoreboard. The Capitals beat the Habs in that regard, but so far Montreal holds a 4-2 lead against the Penguins. Interestingly enough, both Pacioretty and Letang have a goal so far in tonight’s contest.