Marchand wondering why Foligno wasn’t suspended for clipping


Brad Marchand’s suspension for clipping Sami Salo is over — he’ll suit up for the B’s tonight.

But while he’s looking forward to playing again, he’s also wondering why Ottawa’s Nick Foligno hasn’t been suspended for clipping Toronto’s Dion Phaneuf on Tuesday.

“I saw it. It looked very similar to mine,” Marchand said, as per “We were on the same position on the ice. [Foligno] got him in the same area at the same time, and the puck was roughly in the same area. The only difference was that Phaneuf got up and he didn’t get injured. I’d be very surprised if the league doesn’t look at that very closely.”

Marchand added: “It would seem a little biased if [the league] threw the book at me, and then other guys do it and they don’t even look at it. They seem to have set a precedent that hits like that are going to be taken care of. They’re going to make sure guys are going to get punished for them.

“It might be a little unfair if they give me five games [for a clip] and a guy does it a couple of days later and gets nothing.”

Here are the two clips in question:

For what it’s worth, I thought Marchand’s was considerably lower, but I can see why he’s upset.

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