Marchand back from ban, hopes to help stumbling B’s


With outright losses in two of their last three games, the Boston Bruins will welcome back a key member of the lineup tonight in New Jersey.

Brad Marchand has served his five-game suspension for clipping Vancouver’s Sami Salo and is looking forward to helping the B’s get back on track.

“It’s always tough to watch the team play. It’s frustrating. But it’s nice the five games are over with and I’ll just jump back in to help out any way I can,” Marchand said yesterday, as per “I wouldn’t say we’re in a lull or a rough spot. A lot of guys are playing a lot of minutes and the schedule can be a little tough at times. But we’re ready to go tomorrow.

“I just want to create energy like I try to do and continue to play my game. Hopefully I get the chemistry back with [Patrice] Bergeron and [Tyler] Seguin if I’m playing with them tomorrow.”

No doubt Marchand receives the most attention for his, ahem, style of play; however, the 23-year-old is also on pace for 30-plus goals, so clearly his talents go beyond agitating.

You actually wonder if the Bruins will at some point (or perhaps they already have) sit down with Marchand and remind him that they’re a lesser team when he’s watching from the press box, so while they won’t want him to stop bringing energy, maybe be more cognizant of the fine line between energy and idiot.