Hall “doing much better” today


Taylor Hall didn’t practice today in St. Louis, but it sounds like he’s on the road to recovery less than 24 hours after being cut over the eye by a teammate’s skate.

Hall was cut last night in Columbus during the pre-game warm-up, the laceration requiring 30 stitches to close.

Today, Edmonton coach Tom Renney told reporters that Hall “is doing much better” and that the “swelling’s gone down.” However, it’s “doubtful” Hall will play tomorrow versus the Blues.

As a result of last night’s mishap, the Oilers will reportedly require all players to wear helmets during the warm-up

A similar policy is being considered by Leafs coach Ron Wilson.

“I’m thinking about it,” Wilson said, as reported by the Toronto Star.

“You look at what happened (to Hall) and it was scary, it could have been a lot worse. The silliness of having a bare head and not worrying about it? I will look into it, I will talk to (GM Brian Burke) and of course I’ll talk to the players.”

According to the Star, it’s up to the coach to determine his team’s pre-game helmet policy, as per the NHL’s collective-bargaining agreement.