Halak even torments Ovechkin in video games


When you’re a dazzling goal-scorer on Alex Ovechkin’s level, it’s not often that a goalie has your “number,” so it’s easy to make note of the guys who defy you.

It’s likely that Jaroslav Halak ranks high on Ovechkin’s list. The Slovakian goalie was the main reason that the Montreal Canadiens topped Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals in the 2010 playoffs and Halak also spoiled Dale Hunter’s coaching debut as a member of the St. Louis Blues.

The frustration doesn’t stop in reality, though. The Washington Times’ Stephen Whyno reveals that the digital version of Halak gives Ovechkin fits, too.

“Actually, it’s funny story,” Ovechkin said. “Last night I was with my friend in my home and we play video game and Halak stopped [everything]. Halak was the first star of the day. And my friend just told me, ‘Jesus Christ, this guy just destroy in playoffs.’ I don’t want to talk about it.”

(Hopefully Halak’s performance didn’t force Ovechkin to chuck a controller in frustration, like a certain well-adjusted and totally mature hockey blogger.)

In case you’re wondering, Halak’s current NHL 12 rating is an 88 out of 100, ranking him high among polygonal puck-stoppers – and first place among Ovi irritants.