Sharks GM is always talking to other GMs about potential trades


Interesting quote from San Jose general manager Doug Wilson on how he approaches trades.

“What I try to do is keep in touch with every GM at least once a month, see how their team is performing, what their injuries are, and plant seeds,” Wilson told USA Today. “Sometimes you plant a seed and it might take a year or so before a player becomes available. We did some deals with Minnesota this summer that were based upon that. We told them what it is we were looking for, and if a couple of their players they decided they were going to go in a different direction, to please call us.”

OK, so some of you might not call that “interesting” – more like “obvious.” But I wonder if every GM is in contact with other GMs on a regular basis. Or for some guys, do they only make calls when they need something? I also wonder what percentage of trades are consummated over months versus days, or even hours. (See: the curious case of Mike Cammalleri.)