Report: 2013 Winter Classic could utilize both Michigan Stadium and Comerica Park


Based on various reports, it’s all but official that the 2013 Winter Classic will be hosted by the Detroit Red Wings with the Toronto Maple Leafs as the opponents.

What’s slightly less clear is where the game will be played. The NHL appears to want it at Michigan Stadium, which seats over 100,000 and would make for quite the made-for-TV spectacle.

On the other hand, Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch also own the Detroit Tigers. The baseball team plays at Comerica Park, a stadium in downtown Detroit that Ilitch operates.

According to an ESPN source, there might be a solution – host the Winter Classic at both facilities. The big game could be played at Michigan Stadium, with events like the alumni game and/or Great Lakes Invitational college tournament held at Comerica.

“There is a definite sensitivity to making sure Detroit isn’t left out in the cold, as it were, given the long-time loyalty shown the beleaguered city by the Ilitch family,” notes ESPN.