Oh look, Brad Marchand joined Twitter


Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin confirmed that teammate Brad Marchand has officially joined Twitter.



(I believe “Bergy” is Patrice Bergeron.)

Marchand has two tweets so far — one congratulating Seguin, Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas for making the All-Star Game and one letting everybody know where they can get official Bru Tang Clan shirts. As you’d expect.

For those curious, it seems like Marchand had to go with the bland “@Bmarch63” handle as opposed to something more creative. After minutes of exhaustive research, I learned that many of Marchand’s nicknames are no longer up for grabs on Twitter:

@NoseFace — unavailable

@Marshmont — unavaiable

@Squirrel — unavailable

@Marshy — unavailable

@Tomahawk — unavailable

@HoneyBadger — unavailable

@Rat — unavailable

Though as far as I can tell, @SedinPuncher and @ProtectiveLowBridge are still good to go.