Crosby addresses media: Feeling better, but not symptom-free


After skating for 27 minutes today during Penguins practice in Florida, Sidney Crosby spoke to the media and addressed the latest in his concussion recovery.

“Symptoms are a lot better but no, I wouldn’t say symptom-free,” Crosby told reporters. “I’m allowed to exert. That’s a positive when you’ve been sitting around a bit.”

Crosby went on to say he’s experiencing fewer headaches and balance issues. He also feels less frustrated with this most recent stint on the injured list because he’s better versed in concussion recuperation.

“It was so new and [I had] so many questions and not a lot of answers,” Crosby said of his first go-round. “It’s a tough injury. It’s not clear-cut all the time. Being more familiar helps a bit.”

No. 87 also fielded questions about the current state of the Penguins. Earlier today, a report from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review said some of Crosby’s teammates felt he should be playing — the article also said the Pens went so far as to hold discussions regarding a temporary replacement captain.

But during the pregame skate, the Penguins showed some solidarity by wearing makeshift Cs on their jerseys, a move Crosby appreciated.

“That was a nice gesture, especially at a time like this when times are tough, there’s adversity with injuries, a few losses,” he said. “We stick together, it’s a good sign.”