Burke on Schenn trade rumors: “Nothing is imminent”


The rumors keep building that the Toronto Maple Leafs are shopping around Luke Schenn, especially after GM Brian Burke said that he wants to make a move for the present, not the future. That being said, Burke is adamant that he’s not looking to trade the hard-hitting young defenseman, as he told TSN’s Jonas Siegel.

Burke did confirm that he spoke with Schenn today, but he did so to tell him that they aren’t planning on getting rid of him – although he couldn’t guarantee anything.

That was the basic theme of Burke’s discussion with Siegel; he claims that the plan isn’t to move Schenn, but he gave himself an out by saying that could all change with one phone call. Burke said that the team is “listening” to all kinds of trade offers but that there’s a big difference between taking calls and making calls.

Burke isn’t one to pull many punches, beyond the obvious need not to totally reveal his hand in ongoing negotiations. Feel free to take his semi-denial any way you’d like, but Burke said that “nothing is imminent.”

The outspoken GM didn’t deny one, thing, though: if the NHL wants the Maple Leafs to participate in the 2013 Winter Classic, he’s all for it.