New Kings coach rents house from old Kings coach

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“So…do you still need your house?”

We assume that’s not the first question Darryl Sutter asked Terry Murray when the former was hired to replace the latter behind the bench in Los Angeles. However, the topic must’ve been broached somehow, as according to LA Kings Insider, Sutter is now renting Murray’s pad.

For those who might find this odd, it’s actually not at all. Players do it all the time when they are traded, or sometimes even when they move teams during the summer.

Suppose it makes sense for both sides – Sutter gets a place to live and Murray doesn’t have to go out and find a renter. Still, it must be tough for Murray. Not only did Sutter take his job, now he’s sleeping in his house.

No truth to the rumor Sutter found a very aggressive cobra under the kitchen sink.