Luongo doesn’t care about being the NHL’s fourth-most overrated player


Another day, another person not thrilled with Sports Illustrated’s anonymous NHL players poll.

Today it was Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo sharing his thoughts on the poll, which asked 161 NHLers to pick the league’s most overrated players. Luongo finished fourth on the list, behind Toronto’s Dion Phaneuf, Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Montreal’s Scott Gomez.

“I don’t care and I really don’t pay attention,” Luongo told the Vancouver Province.

Luongo might not care or pay attention, but his teammates seem to, at least a little. The Canucks featured prominently on the most overrated list (Ryan Kesler finished ninth) and that drew the ire of team captain Henrik Sedin.

“It bothers me that they have a poll,” Sedin said. “How are they overrated? None of those on the list are bad players. I was really surprised by the poll and who was on it. Me and Danny were the most overrated in Sweden before we came over and it’s nothing we cared about, and I hope Lui and Kes don’t care. Do the best player or the MVP.”

That Luongo made the overrated list shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because he is quite overrated. Sports Illustrated did the same poll in 2010 (though based on a survey of 272 NHLers) and Luongo was one of three goalies to get more than a single vote.