If he isn’t named an All-Star, Ovechkin is going on vacation


Later today, the NHL will announce the remaining selections to the 2012 All-Star Game. Six players have already booked their tickets to Ottawa for the Jan. 29 affair — but one of them isn’t perennial All-Star Alex Ovechkin.

In fact, Ovechkin might not be going to Ottawa at all in light of his subpar campaign — not that he has a problem with it. When asked if he would be disappointed about not making the ASG for the first time in his career, No. 8 replied: “No, because I’m going to straight up to vacation somewhere.”

/applies zinc oxide to nose
//orders umbrella drink

“I’d love to go there [Ottawa] but you never know what’s going to happen, if I’m going to be picked or not. So we’ll see,” Ovechkin told the  Washington Post. “My team right now, we have lots of guys who can be an All Star but I don’t know; it’s not my decision, it’s league decision but I’d love to be there.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Ovechkin gets the nod. Recently, a panel of NHL.com writers compiled their projections of the 24 All-Star forwards, and Ovi wasn’t one of them.