Who ripped the covers of Chara holding the Stanley Cup off these NHL Guides?


It seems the Boston-Vancouver war has taken its malice to South Beach.

George Richards, a Panthers beat writer for the Miami Herald, noticed something bizarre in the press box during Monday’s game against the Canucks — a stack of NHL Official Guide & Record Books with the covers torn off.

Under normal circumstances, the defacing of printed works would only concern Mr. Bookman, Library Detective. But these are not normal circumstances. See, the cover of the NHL Official Guide has a picture of Zdeno Chara lifting the Stanley Cup.


Here are some pictures of the mangled guides:



And the accompanying conjecture:

Someone in the Florida Panthers press box sure did hate those pictures of Boston’s Zdeno Charra [sic] on the cover of the 2011-12 NHL Official Guide and Record Book.

The Canucks were in town. They lost in seven games to the Bruins last year before beating them 4-3 in an emotional and physical game on Saturday.


The Panthers aren’t blaming anyone for the defacement of the books but something went down.

Originally there was one torn book in the press box. Sometime before the game, a PR staffer noticed the torn covers. So they were replaced. And torn again.

You’d think this would mark the end of the Boston-Vancouver media blood feud, but you’d be wrong. This won’t end until 1) Vancouver burns down Boston’s city hall, and 2) Boston spikes Vancouver’s water supply.