Shawn Thornton bests just about everyone


The past summer was a dark one for NHL enforcers, but the fact remains that they’re often among the most interesting men in the game. If you want a snapshot of that phenomenon, check out some of this brilliant work by Boston Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton.

First, he goes toe-to-toe with Vancouver Province columnist Tony Gallagher on CSNNE:

(Personal note: I’m not sure I buy the “Vancouver Canucks totally lack toughness” argument, but perhaps it’s a matter of relativity/semantics. Moving on …)

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Thornton shows that he’s more than just a tough guy by scoring a caveat-free beauty as part of tonight’s 5-3 win against the Winnipeg Jets. You can see some of his great work as part of this highlight package:

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Hockey fans likely have varying opinions about the Bruins as a whole depending upon which team(s) they’re pulling for, but let’s face it. Thornton is pretty awesome.