Boston newspaper sees things differently from Vancouver newspaper


This isn’t news per se, but remember this incident from yesterday’s Bruins-Canucks game?

Yeah, apparently a Boston newspaper saw it slightly differently from a Vancouver newspaper.

First, the description from the Boston Herald:

Right off the bat, the teams let the refs know they wouldn’t have an easy afternoon. Some stickwork on a line change — capped by an Alex Burrows stick blade to Shawn Thornton’s throat — led to a gaggle of Canucks jumping Thornton near the Vancouver bench.

Now, the Vancouver Province explains what happened:

For the first five minutes, the visitors played the Harlem Globetrotters to the Bruins’ Washington Generals, generating a handful of prime scoring chances on Tim Thomas before the predictable occurred. Shawn Thornton started a line brawl.

In a related story, it’s important to know your audience.