Watch the Bruins and Canucks renew hostilities in first period brawl


Seven months apart did nothing to cool tempers between the Bruins and Canucks after their raucous seven-game Stanley Cup finals match-up. The teams got right back after each other just four minutes into their game this afternoon with all sorts of shenanigans breaking loose.

Shawn Thornton and Alex Burrows kicked off jousting with each other when every Canucks player on the ice descended upon Thornton in front of the Vancouver bench. Then everyone joined the party including Milan Lucic apparently coming off the bench to join the scrum. Lucic was kicked out of the game for that and may wind up getting a 10-game suspension for it.

Out of this whole mess the Canucks wound up with a 5-on-3 power play and if you can figure out how that was possible through all this, congratulations. Out of all this there were merely 38 penalty minutes handed out, two misconducts, and one game misconduct.

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