Wait, what? Jay Feaster totally supports Bourque suspension

When Rene Bourque was given a five-game suspension for elbowing Nicklas Backstrom in the face, you had to think that the Flames wouldn’t be too pleased about losing one of their better forwards. Flames GM Jay Feaster does things a bit differently, however, as he gave full marks to the league for their decision.

“We fully support the decision rendered by Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety in this matter. Both the Club and the player understand and appreciate the basis for the ruling, and intend to abide by the decision. We will have no further comment.”

The usual reaction from a team when their player is suspended is either dismay or approval through gritted teeth. Feaster giving a virtual “‘atta boy” to Brendan Shanahan for coming down hard is quite rare and a sign that, perhaps, teams are finally understanding Shanahan’s role in trying to clean up the game.

Just think, it only took half the season for it to sink in at its fullest too. Miracles can happen.

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