Report: Canadian NHL teams are rolling in it


The Toronto Star shocked the world yesterday, publishing a story that revealed Canadian NHL teams are making lots of money while teams in non-traditional hockey markets aren’t making as much money.

The newspaper cited a “secret National Hockey League report” that detailed the ticket revenues of all 30 teams from the 2010-11 and 2007-08 seasons.

Thanks to for posting the accompanying table online.



No huge surprises there. Maybe when you see the figures in front of your very eyes, there’s some shock value. I mean, everyone knew the Leafs and Habs did well at the gate, but five times as much ticket revenue per game than the Islanders?

Oh, and to anyone who doesn’t think Alex Ovechkin deserves such a fat contract? There’s his retort.

Anyway, we’re pretty focused on the Winter Classic today, so feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.