Jeff Skinner must be feeling better, returns to practice

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Concussion recovery is a fickle thing, but Carolina’s Jeff Skinner seems to be doing a bit better.

The Hurricanes heartthrob and former top scorer returned to practice with the team today after going out of action since December 7 against Edmonton. Skinner tells Chip Alexander of the Raleigh News & Observer that it was great to get back out on the ice.

“It was pretty good. I haven’t been out there with that many bodies, that much noise, kind of moving around. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react with all that noise, that emotion. It was good.”

Since that December 7 game, the Hurricanes have gone 4-6-0 without Skinner. The Hurricanes weren’t faring much better with him in the lineup, but for a team struggling that bad losing a guy that good is just a kick in the shins. Getting Skinner back to action eventually will help the Hurricanes perhaps not be the worst team in the Eastern Conference.