Winnipeg Jets tickets keep getting stolen


According to this Global report, Winnipeg Jets tickets are the hottest ticket in town. And by hot, they don’t mean popular — they mean, “Man, these tickets are so hot, they’re smokin’.”

Winnipeg police say they’ve been investigating several cases of unsuspecting hockey fans buying the highly sought after game tickets, only to find they had been stolen from the real owners and cancelled.

A 21 year old man surrendered to officers at a city precinct Wednesday. He’s facing several charges including four counts fraud under $5000 and possession of goods obtained by crime. He’s been released pending a future court date.

This isn’t the first case involving stolen Jets tickets that Winnipeg police have been forced to investigate. In September, a 28-year-old man was charged with snatching tickets – out of the mail no less – to a pair of preseason games and selling them online.

And for those of you youngsters who didn’t get the reference in the first paragraph, enjoy: