Scott Hartnell is a modern day Dr. Hook


Scott Hartnell has a way of endearing himself to opponents.

Case in point last night against Tampa Bay, Hartnell got the attention of the Lightning bench by both jawing with them and then swinging his stick around at them as if he was Darth Maul. Such an aggressive move got the attention of both Ryan Malone and Steve Downie including seeing Malone hop over the bench to have words with Hartnell.

After the game, Frank Seravalli of got to the bottom of things only to find out it was Lightning head coach Guy Boucher that got Hartnell’s attention.

Hartnell says that Boucher started yelling at him from the bench which got Malone and Downie fired up. Boucher was unhappy because he thought Hartnell was eavesdropping on what he was telling his team. Malone had a much more fun take on things as he told Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune.

“I just think (Hartnell) was standing too close to our bench, I think … it reminded me of (the movies) “Slap Shot” or “Youngblood” or something. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Scott Hartnell as Dr. Hook or Racki? That’s totally doable.

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