Watch a Sharks fan throw an actual dead duck on the ice


We’ve seen octopus thrown on the ice in Detroit, catfish thrown on the ice in Nashville, and now another rivalry is stepping it up in the “throw a dead animal on the ice” tradition in hockey.’s Brodie Brazil reported during last night’s 3-2 Sharks loss to the Ducks that a dead duck was thrown on the ice by an enterprising Sharks fan looking to get into the spirit of things. It wouldn’t be a crazy stunt unless your friends recorded it on video and put it on YouTube.

Lucky for us, that’s just what happened.

As you can see, the duck tosser gets tossed from the game himself after hustling down to the glass to throw the dead mallard on the ice.

You can also see Jonas Hiller skate out to potentially remove the duck himself only to hit the brakes and turn back around after seeing it was real road kill.

If you’re curious if there will be retribution from Ducks fans via a shark being thrown on the ice, that’s already been done before.