Remember when Billy Smith scored?


Cam Ward’s “goal” at the end of yesterday’s Hurricanes-Devils game had the good folks at thinking about the first goaltender to ever “score” in an NHL game.

That honor belongs to Islanders legend Billy Smith, who has former Colorado Rockies defenseman Rob Ramage to thank for that.

Here’s what happened Nov. 28, 1979, in Denver:

Bonus Billy Smith video!

Here’s Smith hacking Wayne Gretzky to the ice in 1983.


Of course, the first goalie to ever score (no quotation marks required) was Philadelphia’s Ron Hextall, who notched his first of two career goals on Dec. 8, 1987, versus the Bruins.

Bonus Ron Hextall video!

Here’s Hextall attacking Chris Chelios in 1989.