No fines for Laviolette or Ott after shoving incident

Act like kids, get treated like kids.

That was apparently the message the NHL sent to Steve Ott and Peter Laviolette after the Stars forward and Flyers coach got into a shoving match in the tunnel between periods Wednesday in Dallas.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports that the “league investigated the incident and spoke to both parties involved but in the end asked that Ott and Laviolette speak to each other over the phone to hash it out.” Satisfied with the result, the NHL decided not to fine either individual.

We imagine the “hash it out” conversation went a bit like this:

Laviolette: Hey.

Ott: Hey.

Laviolette: So…sorry.

Ott: Yeah…me too.

Laviolette: Cool…so…what are you doing?

Ott: Math homework.

Laviolette: Lame.

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