Mikko Koivu’s comeback fails to end Wild’s slump

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Statheads will likely call the Minnesota Wild’s seven-game losing streak “The Revenge of the Law of Averages.” Wild fans might counter that the team’s many injuries are taking a serious toll.

Either way, the Wild continue their downward spiral, as the Colorado Avalanche topped them 4-2 tonight. Mikko Koivu made his return, but obviously it wasn’t triumphant since his team still suffered a defeat. (Koivu did register an assist, for what it’s worth.)

Offense is the most obvious issue in Minny. They’ve been outscored 24-9 during that 0-5-2 streak as they’re allowing far more shots than they are taking. They didn’t manage a single period with double digit shots on Monday; Colorado had a 32-22 shot advantage overall.

On paper, the Wild’s defense didn’t look too great coming into the 2011-12 season. The combination of Mike Yeo’s system and fantastic goaltending from Niklas Backstrom and Josh Harding helped the team overcome its weaknesses, but that low margin of error style obviously has its disadvantages when the bounces start going the other way.

All of that negativity aside, Minnesota is still on top of the Northwest Division with 46 points, although the Vancouver Canucks can claim that spot with a charity point or win tonight. Even if they lose that division lead, the Wild will remain somewhere in the West’s top eight, which shows that it isn’t time to panic – even if it might be time to worry.