Brian Burke and Ron Wilson love messing with us


You have to give it up to the Maple Leafs — their ability to work the local media into a lather is genius.

Yesterday, both Leafs GM Brian Burke and coach Ron Wilson hit Twitter to announce that Wilson was given a contract extension to stay bench boss of the Leafs. This came just a day after they went back and forth chattering about how Wilson was asking Santa Claus for an extension to stay in Toronto.

Today, Wilson fessed up that he actually signed the extension with the team three to four weeks ago and that he was given the freedom to announce it when he wanted to.

Sick burn, boys.

In life, some people are the puppeteers while others are the puppets and Burke and Wilson are pulling the strings on the antagonistic beat writers while they can. If things don’t work out and the Leafs crash and burn out of playoff contention both guys could be on their way out of town.

Reading the smug columns to follow such a move would make Toronto the most annoying place in North America for weeks to come, so let’s all hope that Wilson and Burke can get the Leafs to the playoffs to prevent that from happening.