Chimera: “We looked like peewee hockey players”


Give Caps leading goal scorer Jason Chimera credit, he doesn’t pull any punches when addressing the team’s play against the New Jersey Devils in a shootout loss.’s Chuck Gormley got the straight shots out of Washington.

“We weren’t ready to play. I don’t know if guys were looking forward to the Christmas break or what was wrong. But the execution was terrible. We looked like peewee hockey players. No one could make a pass; no one could get the puck out. We were fanning on the puck.”

That’s as good of a quote as you’re going to get and considering the Caps’ troubles this season and having a lackluster game against the Devils didn’t help much. It also doesn’t help that the Devils are a team the Caps are currently dealing with in the race for the playoffs. Sure, it’s early-ish in the season, but losing points at all during the season to teams you’re running with is bothersome.

It’s up to the Capitals to make sure they stop playing like little kids and make sure they don’t look back on games like this with regret.