Ilya Bryzgalov doesn’t think he’s funny, world disagrees


Ilya Bryzgalov is the feel-good hit of 24/7 after his tales about the universe and tigers and his Siberian husky being like a beautiful blonde. He’s odd, irreverent, and a bit nutty just the same, but he’s impossible to dislike even as a Flyers goaltender. One thing he says he isn’t, however, is funny.

Say what?

Dave Isaac of Philadelphia Sports Daily asked Bryzgalov about his new stardom and he didn’t think he was all too amusing.

“Is it funny?” he asked. “To me is not funny.”

I can only hope this line was followed up with an explanation about how Czar Nicholas was like Big Bird during his reign in Russia.

Part of the fun for fans and casual onlookers during 24/7 is seeing how these guys are off the ice and Bryzgalov’s wacky personality makes him immediately likable. Then again, there’s a disarming aspect to it for these guys in that their normal routine and ways are being shown to millions. All of a sudden what was normal is seen as fascinating and worthy of curiosity.

That said, here’s to hoping we get to see Bryzgalov discuss the pluses and minuses of cheesesteaks with Jaromir Jagr at some point.