Should this goal have counted? The NHL doesn’t think so


ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun is reporting that, upon further review, the NHL doesn’t think Vancouver’s fourth goal in a 4-2 over Detroit last night should’ve counted.

First, the goal in question:

Next, LeBrun’s tweets:




Howard, who was livid with the on-ice ruling of a good goal, voiced his displeasure during the postgame media scrum.

“I am just sick and tired of getting run over every single game,” Howard told the Vancouver Province. “I saw the replay. I thought Zee [Henrik Zetterberg] never pushed him. He loses his footing and he steamrolls me.”

Head coach Mike Babcock expressed similar feelings.

“I didn’t like the goal,” Babcock said. “To me, it’s no foul on them but, to me, it’s no goal. The goalie has to be able to make a play. I think that’s what the rules are and that’s what they stipulate.”