Lindy Ruff keeps beating that dead horse over goalie safety


Give Lindy Ruff credit, he’ll keep beating the same drum until you can’t stand it anymore.

After seeing Al Montoya get plowed over by Evander Kane recently and Jimmy Howard get run over by Jannik Hansen last night, Ruff went back to sticking to his guns about goalie safety. Thanks to Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, Ruff is happy to say that he’s right about it still being open season on goalies.

“I turn on TSN this morning and the goalies getting bumped almost falls in that open season category,” Ruff said, referring to the phrase he used when Ryan Miller got drilled by Milan Lucic. “… We’re in danagerous territory with some of that stuff.”

Montoya is out with a concussion, similar to what happened to Miller, while Howard was left to be just steaming mad over continually getting run over in goal as he told Ted Kulfan of The Detroit News. As it is, while Ruff comes off sounding like Dana Carvey’s “Grumpy Old Man” from Saturday Night Live at times, he’s sort of got a point.

Of course, a lot of these issues with goalies getting run over would end if defensemen would do their job keeping them away from the net, but that’s distracting from the story.