Rene Bourque says he’s sorry


Rene Bourque may have been suspended two games for crushing Brent Seabrook, but at least he’s sorry.

While Seabrook was back in action last night for Chicago, Bourque was dishing out apologies for his dirty hit, according to Steve MacFarlane of the Calgary Sun. Considering that Bourque used to be a teammate of Seabrook’s in Chicago, it made things a bit more personal.

“I played with the guy four years. I felt pretty bad,” Bourque said Tuesday before he sat out the first of his two-game suspension with his Flames hosting the Minnesota Wild. “I went and talked to him during the third period just to make sure he was alright and say sorry.

“He accepted my apology.”

Brent Seabrook is a bigger guy than we would be. We’d still be a little bit more annoyed about things. Accepting an apology with a face wash is OK, right?