Ottawa’s Winchester out of action with concussion

The NHL might not think they’ve got an epidemic on their hands, but the daily injury reports seem to disagree.

Ottawa’s Jesse Winchester is the latest name on the league’s injury list with a concussion. Winchester was put out of act in the first period of Ottawa’s 4-1 win over Buffalo when he took a wicked hit from Paul Gaustad.

As we’re finding out, concussions aren’t limited to any player be it the league’s leading scorer or a fourth line grinder. Winchester has just two goals and five assists this season for the Senators, but the point here is that he’s yet another player going out of action thanks to a head injury. As of now, there’s no timetable for Winchester’s return.

Hockey is a violent game by nature and the safety of the players should be the top priority, but with the amount of risk that goes into the game, that’s a special brand of dedication that makes players go out and do it every night.

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