Dustin Penner enjoys referencing “The Simpsons”


He only has two goals in 22 games for the Los Angeles Kings, but really, how can you criticize a guy who quotes Homer Simpson when asked how his struggling team can turn things around?

“You just put away that rage and put it into a little ball and unleash it at the appropriate time,” Dustin Penner told Fox Sports West. “Like the day daddy hit the referee with the whiskey bottle. Remember that, when daddy hit the referee?”

That quote courtesy the “Whacking Day” episode from the 1993 season of The Simpsons — an episode, incidentally, that also features Homer saying this: “Lisa, maybe if I’m part of that mob, I can help steer it in wise directions. Now where’s my giant foam cowboy hat and air horn?”

Apparently Penner has referenced The Simpsons before during interviews.

When asked over the summer how it felt to be ripped by the fans for his play on the ice, Penner told LA Kings Insider, “The one thing I can say — and I don’t know if you watch The Simpsons, the episode with Darryl Strawberry, when they start (chanting) ‘Darryl, Darryl,’ and there’s a tear in his eye — I used to laugh at that, and now I don’t.”


(h/t @Wham_City)