Doug Gilmour is now the proud owner of

Big year for Doug Gilmour. First, he gets inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Then, he wins a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution proceeding for the rights to


In a case heard on Dec. 7, the former Toronto Maple Leafs star won his namesake back from a guy named Matt Parsa, who claims to be Gilmour’s “biggest fan.”

Parsa said he was using the site as a fan appreciation page, though Gilmour’s legal team contended it was being used as a portal to the commercial website “” (which expired on Dec. 11.)

Parsa also argued that Gilmour’s likeness didn’t belong to Gilmour, but rather the National Hockey League. That’s quite the legal can o’ worms he was trying to pry open.

Anyway, the case is now closed and the domain name belongs to Killer. Here’s hoping he does something useful with it, like turn it into a portal for amusing kitten pictures.

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