Claude Giroux pushes hard for a swift return


Once the Philadelphia Flyers admitted that Claude Giroux’s unlucky accident with Wayne Simmonds resulted in a concussion, there were serious concerns that he’d be out for a long time. If you believe his most optimistic claims, Giroux might come back soon enough to maintain his spot* atop the NHL’s points scoring list.

That being said, Flyers fans are likely relieved that he told’s Tim Panaccio that he won’t try to come back too soon, either.

“I go day-by-day … If it’s the Rangers or even Christmas, I don’t see why to push it. It’s December,” Giroux said. “I’m aware of what could happen if I come back too fast. My reaction could be slower. The coaching staff and [trainer] Jim [McCrossin] are making sure I don’t rush into it.”

The Flyers have an unfortunate recent history of bright futures cut short by hasty returns from concussion issues, most famously in the case of Eric Lindros. Fans of the game want to see Giroux back as soon as possible, but Philly would be wise to take the long view with their 23-year-old star.

* – Giroux is tied with Phil Kessel for the league lead with 39 points despite playing in five fewer games.