Children’s singer tries to ‘mute’ Don Cherry


You may not be aware of “Canadian children’s entertainer” Raffi Cavoukian, but it might be best to know him as Don Cherry’s latest critic.

It probably wouldn’t be accurate to call him the “loudest” one, though, since he started a Twitter campaign to “mute” the fiery Canadian hockey analyst. Cavoukian explained his reasoning to Chris Zelkovich of The Star.

“For years I’ve been watching him get louder and louder,” Cavoukian said. “He sounds and acts like a bully. That’s not fun and it’s not a good example for the kids who are watching.

“In this day and age of all the hockey violence, we should be putting a stop to this.”

Zelkovich reports that there was some pro-Cherry backlash – complete with a “#muteraffi” campaign – but 62 percent of The Star’s readers “sided” with the children’s singer.

It’s an amusing squabble, especially if you imagine other clashes of kids shows and hockey personalities. I take delight in picturing Todd Bertuzzi vs. Barney and Spongebob Squarepants against Sean Avery, in particular.

(Raffi photo via his Twitter page.)