Troy Brouwer wouldn’t have paid to watch the Caps lose last night


While the Caps were busy stinking up the house in a 5-1 loss to the Flyers, Troy Brouwer was happy he wasn’t paying to watch it.

Stephen Whyno of The Washington Times hears it from Brouwer that last night’s Caps loss was so bad it wasn’t worth the cost to go see it.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to pay money to see that hockey game tonight if I was a Caps fan,” he said. “It just wasn’t good enough by anybody.”

Brouwer says that the Caps didn’t bring enough effort to last night’s game and that the East leading Flyers outworked them all game long. The results were easy to see on the scoreboard. Caps fans have been treated to these sorts of lackluster efforts more often than not this season. Seeing this kind of thing continue under new coach Dale Hunter has to be frustrating for everyone.

In last night’s case, Tomas Vokoun’s sorry effort in goal didn’t do much to help matters. Having Jaromir Jagr there suiting up for the Flyers after saying how much he hated playing in Verizon Center didn’t help bring out the warm-fuzzies either. With the Caps now sitting out of a playoff position in the Eastern Conference, maybe the fans should start asking for refunds after stink bomb games.