Adam McQuaid will likely hear from NHL for knee-to-knee


Kevin Porter received a four-game suspension for a knee-to-knee hit on David Booth. Keep that in mind when you check out this clip, as Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid might face similar discipline for this check on Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno. (One difference that shouldn’t matter in punishments but just might: Foligno returned to the game.)

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McQuaid received a five minute kneeing major and a game misconduct on the play, which provides another difference from the Porter situation. (Porter received a two-minute kneeing penalty.)

So yes, there are some contextual differences, but both are knee-to-knee hits. So what do you think, does McQuaid deserve a suspension? If so, should he sit out less time, more or the same? Share your thoughts in the comments.