Theo Fleury sounds off about Pat Hickey’s accusations


Theo Fleury isn’t about to let a columnist keep his crusade against Graham James down.

Fleury wasn’t about to let Montreal columnist Pat Hickey take potshots at him saying he “enabled” James by not speaking up sooner.

Fleury posted on his website a simple message firing back at Hickey’s ludicrous accusations. Fleury says that Hickey “is more interested in attempting to pit the abused against one another, than in demanding justice.”

Fleury also says that Hickey’s column “makes pedophiles rub their hands together in glee” that the story has been distorted like this. Fleury ultimately wants to see Hickey fired for taking this position.

Hickey’s victim-blaming piece is startling and offensive given what victims of abuse go through both mentally and physically because of their abusers. Pat Hickey’s piece deserves all the blow back it is getting from the public and taking such an irresponsible stand on the James situation in the light of what’s happened at Penn State and potentially at Syracuse University as well is just unbelievable.

What Fleury did to help finally get James put away is worthy of commendation, not ridicule or shame.