Downie’s words confirmed, NHL fines him $2,500 for leaving the bench


Steve Downie is at least an honest guy when it comes to breaking news.

Last night Downie said that he was going to be fined for leaving the bench on a legal line change to start a fight against the Rangers last week and it turns out he was right.

The NHL fined Downie the maximum allowable amount under the current CBA of $2,500 for his part in causing a dust up after Artem Anisimov made everyone on Tampa Bay upset with his “sniper” goal celebration.

Even though Downie has a history of suspensions, his altercation this time around was mostly legal in that he left the bench on a legal line change. Had he left the bench wantonly he would’ve been suspended 10-games automatically.

The Lightning can’t afford to be without anyone for any amount of time, so Downie being fined works out well for them. Perhaps next time someone celebrates a goal in ridiculous fashion against Tampa Bay, Downie will make sure to just shake his fist angrily from the bench.