Marty Turco is taking his talents to Salzburg for the weekend


Looks like NHL scorers won’t have Marty Turco to kick around anymore.

Turco is taking his talents and heading to Austria where he’s signed a short-term deal to play with EC Salzburg. There he’ll play in a tournament with the team next weekend. So much for buying that Alpine lodge and learning to yodel.

Turco spent last season with the Chicago Blackhawks as a backup goalie to Corey Crawford after initially being brought in to start. Instead, Turco took a backseat after Crawford seized the starting job helping the Hawks roll into the playoffs nearly upsetting Vancouver in the first round.

While there’s been a host of teams dealing with goaltending issues this season, Turco hasn’t gotten a call for a job. Turco was rumored to be talking to the Maple Leafs earlier this season but that proved to be false. Playing in Austria for even a weekend sure makes for a nice way to kill time and at least potentially show you’ve still got it.