Tonight’s awkward reunion: David Perron vs. Joe Thornton

Even though they’ve settled their differences, David Perron facing off against Joe Thornton and the Sharks tonight is going to feel a little awkward.

Last season, Perron’s year ended against the Sharks when Joe Thornton connected with a huge hit that gave Perron a concussion. Thornton was suspended two games for it but if you think there’s bad blood, there isn’t. Thornton wished Perron well upon his comeback and with the two facing off tonight, it’s time to close the book on these two.

Perron says to Dan O’Neill of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that things might be awkward to start, but the game will make it all feel better.

“It’s a hockey game,” Perron said, when asked about the occasion. “I mean, I would say it’s going to be weird a little bit at first. But after the first few shifts it’s just going to be another game and it’s just unfortunate the way the accident happened last year.”

It always comes back to hockey for players and Thornton’s hit, while not dirty would certainly give Perron a reason to have hard feelings. It’s heartwarming to see things smoothed out between the two.

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