It was a nice run, Ethan Moreau

Ethan Moreau’s run in Los Angeles is pretty much over with after being put on waivers.

The veteran tried to find his game after losing it in Columbus after a great run in Edmonton all those years. As Rich Hammond of L.A. Kings Insider finds out from coach Terry Murray, while Moreau gave them everything he could – it just wasn’t good enough to stay with the team.

“I think his leadership in the locker room was, in a quiet way, very effective. He gave us everything he could. He wanted to win, he cared, he tried hard every time he was on the ice.”

If this were a rah-rah competition Moreau would probably still have a job with the Kings. Instead, it’s all about hockey and he didn’t give them enough grit on the fourth line nor enough offense to make up for it. C’est la vie.


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