Burke “open” to ideas from new owners


Like any savvy employee, Leafs general manager Brian Burke wasted no time buttering up his new corporate overlords today in Toronto.

“I’m perfectly willing to listen to what they have to say,” Burke told reporters, as per the Toronto Sun. “If the new owners have some ideas, as soon as they get control of the team, that’s the first meeting I have.

“Maybe there are things we can do better, from a front office standpoint or a scouting standpoint. I’m open. These are very creative, very bright people.”

Don’t know about you, but I’d pay a lot of money to watch a couple of bean counters from BCE or Rogers walk in to Burke’s office and tell him who they like in the upcoming draft.

Burke also had some kind words for the future former owners, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

“If this deal closes and they move on, I would say thank you for this opportunity to run the Leafs,” he said. “They’ve taken a lot of criticism since before I got here and since and I don’t think that’s warranted. All they’ve tried to do is win.”