Things are going well for the NHL, says the NHL


The NHL issued a press release today, calling attention to the fact that interest in the league is through the roof.

For example, the number of unique visitors to is up 17 percent versus last season’s figures, including a “remarkable increase in the Czech Republic (+255 percent).”

Thinking the return of Jaromir Jagr might have something to do with that, but as they say in the digital biz, UVs are UVs. (Not sure they actually say that, but they should.)

The NHL would also like everyone to know that local TV ratings have risen significantly in the following markets:

—- Nashville (+200 percent)
—- Carolina (+125 percent)
—- Florida (+100 percent)
—- Tampa Bay (+71 percent)
—- Philadelphia (+60 percent)
—- Boston (+57 percent)
—- Minnesota (+53 percent)
—- San Jose (+44 percent)
—- Buffalo (+26 percent)
—- Edmonton (+21 percent)
—- New York Rangers (+14 percent)

Anyway, good news for the NHL.

Also, good news for the players, who can whip out said press release if the owners try to plead poverty during the CBA negotiations.

“But it says right here you’re big in the Czech Republic!”