Patrik Elias will miss games in Canadian cities


When the NHL realigns for the 2012-13 season, the New Jersey Devils will be in a conference with six other American teams. As a result, their new regular-season schedule will feature just one trip to each Canadian city, a fact that doesn’t make Patrick Elias very happy.

“I’d rather come here (to Canada), to be honest,” Elias told the Star-Ledger from Toronto, where the Devils will play the Leafs tonight. “I’d rather play in the Canadian cities more. It’s a lot more fun. The people here are more into hockey. They understand hockey better. Plus it’s fun to play here.”

Considering Elias makes his home in the United States and the people that buy Devils tickets are primarily American, maybe he shouldn’t have said that. It’s just poor PR.

I mean, obviously he’s right, but still.

/drinks a maple-syrup smoothie